In pursuit of maximizing economic benefits and meeting growing global demand, ELAB has initiated the Back-End Revamp project to enhance production capacity. The project aims to increase the current design capacity through technical proposals and optimizing processes.

A key recommendation is to increase the conversion rate from paraffins to olefins within the Pacol unit reactor by modifying the internals, specifically increasing the catalyst amount by up to 25%. This adjustment boosts efficiency, resulting in significant output increase and helping achieve the 25% capacity target.

The project emphasizes optimizing existing equipment, avoiding costly replacements. It focuses on minor modifications to improve performance, leveraging ELAB's infrastructure and resources effectively. Thorough equipment assessment identifies areas for enhancement without major capital investments.

The Back-End Revamp project offers several benefits. It increases production capacity to meet growing demand, enhances efficiency through higher output and reduced energy use, and optimizes costs by maximizing existing assets. It also demonstrates ELAB's commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancement, ensuring industry competitiveness.