Rehabilitate Homes in Wadi Al Qamar

ELAB's project with the Orman Association to rehabilitate homes in Wadi Al Qamar demonstrates a commitment to addressing poverty and hunger, in line with Sustainable Development Goals 1 (No Poverty) and 2 (Zero Hunger). By improving housing conditions for 75 residents, the project aims to enhance quality of life and contribute to poverty reduction. The comprehensive approach, including electrical, plumbing, and furnishing upgrades, enhances overall well-being. The partnership with Orman underscores collaborative efforts to achieve sustainable development objectives.

"Katf Fe Katf" initiative

ELAB's participation in the "Katf Fe Katf" food distribution initiative, launched by the President, demonstrates its dedication to addressing hunger and supporting vulnerable communities. By collaborating with the Orman Association and local charities, ELAB ensures effective targeting and distribution of food resources to the neediest families. This initiative contributes to achieving SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) by improving food security. ELAB's field research within its operational areas further enables it to identify and assist the most vulnerable families in need.

"Warm Winter" and "Cover and Warmth" campaigns

ELAB's participation in the "Warm Winter" and "Cover and Warmth" campaigns demonstrates its commitment to providing assistance to vulnerable communities, especially orphans and families in need, during the winter. Through these initiatives, ELAB, in cooperation with the Orman Association and local charities, distributes winter and summer clothes to orphans and fiber blankets to the neediest families in its operating area. These efforts help ensure those in need have access to appropriate clothing and warmth, especially during the colder months. The collaborations with established organizations facilitate the effective identification and distribution of support to the intended beneficiaries.

Wadi Al Qamar Family Medical Unit

ELAB's project to develop the Wadi Al Qamar Family Medical Unit, in partnership with the Alexandria Health Directorate and Orman Association, demonstrates a commitment to promoting good health and well-being (SDG 3). The project focuses on upgrading the unit's structural efficiency and equipping it with necessary medical equipment and supplies, enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare in the are

 Alexandria Therapeutic Establishment hospitals

ELAB's project to develop the Alexandria Therapeutic Establishment hospitals, in cooperation with Sedco Company, demonstrates a commitment to improving healthcare services and infrastructure. The project includes providing hemodialysis units to the Maternity and Coptic Hospitals, expanding their capacity to deliver this critical treatment. It also involves installing a central oxygen network and air conditioning units in the hospitals, enhancing patient care and comfort. The collaboration between ELAB, Sedco, and the hospitals highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing healthcare infrastructure and improving the quality of medical services.

Asyut General Hospital

ELAB's project to develop the Asyut General Hospital in cooperation with the Nile Petroleum Marketing Company showcases a commitment to improving healthcare facilities and services in the Asyut Governorate.

The project involves contributing to the Nile Petroleum Marketing Company's initiative to establish a new critical care building at the Iman General Hospital. This development signifies the importance of expanding critical care capabilities to meet the growing healthcare needs of the community.

The establishment of a new critical care building can enhance the hospital's capacity to provide specialized and intensive care to patients with critical medical conditions. Critical care units are equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained healthcare professionals, enabling the hospital to deliver life-saving interventions and improve patient outcomes.

Participation in World Bicycle Day

ELAB's participation in World Bicycle Day demonstrates its commitment to promoting exercise and maintaining good health. By joining this global initiative, ELAB aims to send a special message to civil society about the importance of physical activity and its positive impact on overall well-being.

Cooperating with companies in the geographical area, as well as coordinating and collaborating with the Alexandria Governorate and the Alexandria Health Directorate, highlights the collaborative efforts to spread awareness about the benefits of exercise and encourage active lifestyles.

Tolbamat Al Maks School

ELAB's project to develop Tolbamat Al Maks School, in cooperation with the Orman Association, aligns with SDG 4 on quality education. The project encompasses enhancing the school's infrastructure, upgrading drainage systems, developing a science lab with necessary supplies, and improving the computer lab with modern equipment. These efforts create a more conducive learning environment and provide students access to educational resources and technology, fostering their academic and digital skills. Additionally, ELAB's provision of school bags for needy students demonstrates its commitment to supporting students' educational journey.

People of determination & disabilities

ELAB's project to develop an educational center for blind students, in cooperation with local organizations, showcases a commitment to providing quality education for individuals with disabilities. The project includes supplying Braille printers and computers with speaking software, enabling visually impaired students to access educational materials and participate in learning. ELAB also contributes to the care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities through collaborations with other organizations. Furthermore, the company's participation in the International White Cane Day, providing canes and honoring outstanding individuals, demonstrates its dedication to supporting the inclusion and empowerment of the blind within the community.